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Luxury Deco & Building

The De La Torre Group offers a ´Luxury Deco & Building´ service, working mainly on projects for the world´s best companies in the fashion and luxury industry, which require top-level standards. In order to meet them, we pursue perfection down to the smallest DETAIL, that refinement that separates a luxury from the high-end luxury. This is achieved by offering very specialized work and SERVICE … ensuring that the client gets what he wants when he wants it.

A Question of Luxury

We like the best and believe you should have it

Satisfied clients are our best business card, and our portfolio is such that new ones can visit existing boutiques in Puerto Banus and see the standard of our work by themselves. We are able to do this thanks to a fantastic team of professionals who are dedicated, love what they do and understand exactly what it means to offer bespoke luxury and service.
When a project is completed and a client thanks us and ensures that we will be an integral part of their future projects, it makes all the hard work so much more rewarding. In essence, this is luxury!


It´s about trust and we´re very proud to say that we´ve gained our client´s confidence by actions. Among our clients that rely on us are many of the world´s top luxury brands.


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